Sex Ed Courses

Improve your sex skills with my exclusive Sex Ed Courses. I've created informative, in-depth courses that take you step-by-step to sexual success. Many of the courses have videos too! 


Amazing Anal Sex Course (with videos) 
Are you ready to experiment with anal sex, analingus, or fisting? Push your boundaries and include anal sex in your lovemaking experience with these tips and techniques. 

Sexual Positions Course (with videos) 
More positions mean more fun! This course is for you when you want experience more variety in bed and test the waters outside your comfort zone. 

Ultimate Oral Sex Course (with videos) 
Discover how to have more fun with oral sex. Hone your fellatio and/or cunnilingus skills to make your oral adventures more pleasurable - for both you and your partner! 

Sex Women Love 
Find out sex secrets most women know and most men don't. Since women don't get off as easily as men, they often go to exotic places to find orgasm. And a woman won't always share her secrets for getting off with the men in her life. Is she a deep penetration/big dildo kind of girl? Or is she a clit stimulation fukuoku kind of girl? If you feel lost in the world of bullet vibrators and water-based lubes (and never knew what sex toys had to do with hot lovemaking), this course's for you. 

Do you doubt that potential mates find you attractive? When you go to make your move, are you suddenly seized with apprehension? If you're not getting the reaction you want from the opposite sex, you could be standing in your own way. This course full of insights and exercises offers a guided game plan for boosting confidence, heightening sex appeal and 
cinching the deal. 

Better Sex Techniques 
This course is for anyone in search of new ways to improve their sex skills. Explicit graphics of anatomy and sexual hot spots show you how to create the maximum sexual impact with 
every move you make. Introducing sexual positions, arousal cycles, foreplay essentials, this course will leave you with a strong visual map for good sex, and help you to make memorable love with any partner. 

Sensational Male Orgasms
Most men sacrifice a lot of pleasure and sensation on the way to a few seconds of orgasm. What if you could have it all? Great orgasm, and pleasure on the way? You'll learn adventurous methods for deepening the male orgasm (using the male g-spot) as well as how to increase the sensations, both internally and along your cock. 

Setting Moods that Seduce
Were you ever with a woman when "all systems go" suddenly turned into "no" as you started to make your moves? What went wrong? Sometimes the little things -- your approach, your choice of ambience, your advance preparations -- have a big impact on a woman's arousal. Getting that first green light can be all about the environment you create and the tone you set.  

Discover Kinky Sex Secrets 
Why are many household materials unsuitable for bondage play? What are the choice strike zones on the body for a caning or flogging? This compact little course will introduce you to kinky practices across the spectrum, from bondage to pain play to electro-play. 

Beginning Butt Love
Anal sex doesn't always come naturally. And it isn't supposed to hurt. In fact, most people trying anal for the first time need way more warm-up than anyone expects. If you're thinking of trying anal (or if you tried it and didn't like it) this class is for you.