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A Night To Remember

posted Sep 13, 2018, 10:48 PM by Nikki Rain   [ updated Jan 24, 2019, 4:59 AM ]

I'm going away for awhile. I wanna take you with my mind.. Something to relive. You have the best pussy around . I wanna bathe u, wash u, rub u down, eat your pussy, kiss your neck and fuck you multiple times. - M.W.


posted Sep 12, 2018, 4:57 PM by Nikki Rain   [ updated Jan 24, 2019, 5:01 AM ]

In my 57 years, I've traveled all around the world. I've been with women from most nationalities and it's safe to say that Nikki's oral technique is by the best I've ever experienced! I still have not tried out any other services she offers because I can't get past the oral. I will keep coming back for more. She is highly addictive! -R.N.

Lottery Winner

posted May 13, 2018, 9:31 AM by Nikki Rain   [ updated Jan 24, 2019, 5:01 AM ]

"When I first met Nikki, I felt like I had won the lottery. She's beautiful and intelligent, sexy and classy, & caring and loving!! Her smile is so inviting. I was able to take my time without feeling rushed. I've finally found the perfect provider. Wonderful in every way and definitely worth every penny!- R.H. 10/2/2017

Will Return

posted May 13, 2018, 9:30 AM by Nikki Rain   [ updated Jan 24, 2019, 5:06 AM ]

"I had an absolutely amazing time. It was relaxing, stress-free, and wonderful. I've actually never had a massage before, and Nikki made sure it was a pleasurable first time. I hope to go back again soon." - J.V. 9/20/2017 

Best Massage Ever!

posted May 13, 2018, 9:29 AM by Nikki Rain   [ updated Jan 24, 2019, 5:07 AM ]

"One thing I can say about this beautiful lady is she has given me one of the best massages I've ever had. She has soft hands that know how to touch all the right places. I am definitely coming back for more!- J.W. 4/4/2017

Beautiful Lady

posted May 13, 2018, 9:28 AM by Nikki Rain   [ updated Jan 24, 2019, 5:08 AM ]

"Great experience from start to finish. I was so happy to meet this beautiful young lady. She knows how to play and relax you after a busy and stressful day. She is just a wonderful lady. I will go back very soon." -T.G. 2/12/2017 

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