Great experiences begin with the fantasy!

Theme #1: My Town

Experience the charm of ’50s Parkersburg. You’re the guy, I’m the doll. We meet for drinks then I’ll show you a bit of my city until you «come up to my place», loosen your tie and let me entertain you.

This is a date aimed squarely at out of town clients. It is a longer date, it’s not just about the sex, it is a high value experience.

Theme #2: Retro date

1950′s gal looking to entertain gentlemen in true MadMan style. Think Betty Page. Heels, hose, anything goes. Spend some time with a girl no better than she needs to be.

Once again back to the 50′s where a lady dressed well and wouldn’t think of undressing for just anyone.

Theme #3: I’m in Charge

Hard day at the office, long road trip? Put yourself in the hands of a strong, strict, confident woman who knows just what her men need.

This is not the full on BDSM, whips and chains and dudgeons world, rather it is a strong woman taking charge.

Theme #4: Private Spa

Step into your own private spa – your handmaiden awaits to soothe the stress of your day. Take an hour to be pampered for your pleasure. I think this one speaks for itself!

Theme #5: Little Black Dress

A poised, beautiful woman on your arm lets you travel in style. And knowing your evening will have a perfect, hot, happy ending makes showing her off all the more fun.

Targeted at the visiting businessman, this is the sort of date which appeals to older, more established, gentlemen.