"Even if we try to remain virtuous, one day we realize that the really happy moments were those we dedicated to sin."

-Oscar Wilde   

I'm an Original.. All Natural, Gorgeous, Blue eyed Blonde. You know.. your All American Dream girl. Just as beautiful on the inside as I am out. I choose to spend my free time like this not as a job, or just a way to pay the bills, But because I love the Company, Companionship & the Experience. I take no Person or Moment for granted. I'm very Open Minded, Friendly, Outgoing, Respectful, Genuine, Honest, Spontaneous & SUPER FUN!

I love to travel/ have fun in my free-time & and meet regular friends. Availability is limited as I prefer to be low-volume but if you have taken an interest in meeting with a unique woman such as myself, then I as well have an interest in meeting with you & will do the best I can to accommodate your schedule and make that happen ;) but Please... People with Nasty Attitudes Need Not Inquire. I like to be around nice people to ensure a good time for the both of us.

If you are seeking an experience far better than the ordinary, look no further. I can be described as an intelligent, classy lady who is very laid back, playful, fun, and open minded. I try to be a breath of fresh air! I am your ultimate Sugar Baby. I cater to serve you personally, one-on-one, leaving no desires unfilled. I am truly here for your enjoyment. I pride myself on providing an enticing encounter... with plenty of special attention, providing you with the ultimate in relaxation, allowing you to completely enjoy the time we spend together.

Whatever your specific desires may be, you will discover I am thoroughly attentive, a wonderful conversationalist, and an exceptional companion to compliment all of your social needs and pleasures. Often complimented on my shy "girl next door" quality and fun loving personality, while being devilishly playful. I love to celebrate special occasions with you and do truly enjoy our time together. Getting to know each other on a deeper, more personal level can be very rewarding for both of us!

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  • Measurements:  34B, 5’3″‘ and 110lbs – near perfect
  • Description:  I’m a gorgeous blonde with a hot slim body and curves in all the right places, a heart-shaped bottom, and a smile that will immediately put you at ease. I am extremely toned and fit from exercising daily with soft body, sexy dancer legs & very flat stomach.
  • Education:  I am a highly educated, sexy, well put together sensual model and a Certified Massage Therapist.  I  enjoy the company of refined, upscale, yet fun gentlemen. I absolutely love massaging people — men & women & couples.
  • Interests:  I love modeling. I love outdoor photography and will take pictures anywhere.  My passions are travelling, modeling and massage to nurture the body & soul.
  • Free Time:  Centering myself is my favorite thing, be calm…calmness goes a long way!
  • Favorite Movie:  Romantic movies and comedies
  • Favorite Food:  I enjoy fine dining and love checking out new dining places.  I enjoy so many types of food, Italian, French, etc…just about any type.
  • Favorite Activities:  I love long walks on the beach and sunny weather.  I love going to the spa.  To unwind, I enjoy long bubble baths, topless sunbathing, and hot yoga to increase my flexibility.  I absolutely love running, and am very fit from going to the gym.  While I love many things in life, traveling and dining out & taking pictures are number one!  I do have a current passport & enjoy traveling with the right companion.
  • Worst Pickup Line:  hey baby what's up?–just doesn’t do it for me, I prefer a classy approach..
  • Worst Place That You Have Been Hit On:  A bathroom — just rather shocking!
  • What Approach Do You Prefer:  Upscale gentleman wanting to hang out, maybe dinner or just a long massage at my home.  I love spending quality time with people, but don’t get me wrong I love to have fun.
  • Worst Date:  A guy took me to Burger King and kept calling me by another name, he also wanted to introduce me to his ex girlfriend… couldn’t wait to leave — ahhh have some class please!
  • Guilty Pleasures:  I love eating sweet Godiva chocolate and strawberries too.  I also love wearing lingerie and being nude.  I enjoy long bubble baths, the spa — I have a very naughty and adventurous side.  I will try anything at least once, I love to push the envelope, as they say, compete & go over the edge to the next level at everything.  My passion is that I love being on film or in front of a camera in sexy outfits or even nude.  I enjoy inviting groups of friends or one my sexy girl friends to join us on dates out or going to clubs or for drinks.  I enjoy being with more then one person.                                     


Someone who has your back, believes in me–biggest turn on is a soul connection. Of course, nice looks and a good package helps, but not my major objective. Successful, good looking, well put together people who enjoy having lots of fun is a turn on–success is a turn on… tall is nice but not a must have. Good looking people are a turn on, but even more important than good looking is a chemistry of being in the moment with each other. Also, a naughty connection is fun. Someone who cares is a real turn on for me. I enjoy being with more then one person when doing naughty things. I am extremely toned and fit from exercising daily with a soft body, long sexy dancer legs & very flat stomach. I’m very bubbly and playful with a great sense of humor — my smile is my best feature, besides my body.Facial hair, muscles, big hands, tattoos I think it's a turn on If he brings you a flower. If he tells you your pretty If he laughs at you jokes If he likes your cooking If he's generous If he's a good kisser. If he smells good If he wears or uses the gift that you got him. If he doesn't complain all the time. If he has a sense of humor. If he knows how to manage money If he know how to make good conversation If he listens and takes interest in what you like. If he takes notice of something new, clothes, earrings etc. If he surprises you with something or tries something new If he introduces you to friends and family. If he takes interest in his appearance but not in front of mirror more than you. Also if he has a tidy apartment or house but not to the point of being OCD.


If he has bad body odor(I would never go out with a guy if he had bad body odor including bad teeth). If he talks about how much money he has and you don't even know him yet. If he's a bad kisser. If he lives with his mother, (and has no intention of ever moving out until she dies). If he has a hairy back. If you always have to pay for everything. If he never tells you look nice. If he doesn't introduce you to others If he forgets about you when he's with his friends. If he chews tobacco. If he belongs to some radical group that's racist or strange according to my beliefs. If he lives in a dump and doesn't pay his utilities so he has no water and electricity. If he has a weird hair do, either trying to cover a bald spot or it's long and odd. If he spits when he talks. If he picks his nose. If he looks at other women's butts when I'm present. If he touches his crotch or picks at his butt in public. If he yells at people at drive thru windows or bill collectors on the phone. If he says bad things about me or my family. If he tells me I can't talk to or see someone. Bad smells, ungroomed men or women, foul odors — I will not see these type of people.