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What Attracts Women to Men

posted Sep 23, 2017, 7:08 PM by Nikki Rain   [ updated Sep 23, 2017, 7:08 PM ]

Image result for ATTRACTIONWhat is that thing in a man that attracts most women? This is one of the questions that bother all men, especially how to become a male escort. You think it is that women are attracted to men with rippling muscles, well-built body and sound health. Yes, you’re right but there is something you’re still missing. The most important thing that melts the heart of women in a man is the personality of that man.

This means if a man has a very good personality, then it is sure that women would love to spend some time with him. It is a man’s mannerism that attracts women the most. A woman can find a muscular man with nice looking abs but when it comes to manner of speaking, the woman may not like the man. The lesson is that irrespective of your look as a male escort, you must have a good manner of approach or speech.

One thing about women is that they love to listen as much as they love good looks. They regard words spoken in a certain manner and behaviour and they also want politeness and welcoming smiles. A straight male escort must understand this deep sense of admiration in women and he must train himself to be of a good manner. It is a totally different thing to learn how to deal with females and a male escort that wants reverence from women must be able to deal with women in a respectful way.

When you have an appointment with your client, you have to captivate her with polite words, civilised and cheeky tone and your body language. Your good looks and physical fitness might be powerful enough to win the heart of your female client but it is not always the same when she is well groomed and highly educated. This category of women likes to be with a man who matches their level. This means that you must meet the standard of these women to prove to them that you are the best male escort they have ever met.

Learn how to talk with your clients

One of the things to know is how to become a male escort. you are opportune to learn a lot of things about women and their psyche. To become an male escort, you must master the skill of dealing with women in a manner that wins their tender hearts. Many men don’t know some things about women and their temperament. You may never understand a woman if you ignore the issues relating to the temperament and mentality of women. If you can take time to study the behaviour of women, then you can avoid unleashing their rage or anger. You should understand your client well and expect accurately what she means and thinks to safe yourself from awkward moments by the respect and sweet words you give her. The more you understand your clients, the better escort services you will provide. Feel free to talk with your client on different kinds of topic.

Know that the same method of dealing with women might not work with all your clients.

If you’re dealing with older clients, you need to apply a different approach and if your client is young, you need to use a frank and fun approach. Frankness here doesn’t necessarily mean frankness in your behaviour.

A Male Escort Accompanies Women to Several Events or Occasions

When you get to the bar, strike the conversation with her. You are the one to extend a hand of friendship to her even though it is just a formality. You will feel easy if you’re courageous enough to strike the conversation. Furthermore, it will increase the opportunity to talk more about other things. Therefore, if you want to become a top-class male escort, it is highly necessary to learn good tactics and manners of talking to your clients. This may look insignificant but if you want to be successful in this profession, you must learn to groom yourself with the necessary talking skills. How to become a male escort.