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The Art Of Disappearing

posted Nov 3, 2018, 3:28 AM by Nikki Rain   [ updated Nov 3, 2018, 3:29 AM ]
Whether you’re seeing an SD or a Client, and whether they’ve told you that they are single, dating or married, it doesn’t matter. He could be lying, just like this is his first time meeting a girl like you? Right. Either way, I believe in the art of disappearing after all of my sessions. It makes their time spent with me safer, and it makes me and my identity safer when they go home and meet with an angry partner.

For those of you who may think things like:

  • “I’m just going to leave my lips kissed on his shirt collar because it looks sexy in the movies.” NO. This isn’t the movies, it’s his life, and it’s his reality.
  • “I’m just going to leave him with a little scent of me so that he’ll remember me when he’s at home with her.” NO. That’s a first clue to a woman that he’s been up to no good while he’s been gone.
  • “I’ll write my number and a little cute message on this hotel’s piece of paper and stick it in his pocket for him to find later and he’ll “think of me and smile”. NO. Chances are he doesn’t do his own laundry, and chances are he’s not that observant to finding these clues you leave. So do him and yourself a favor and don’t risk it.

Remember how many times when you were communicating, that you both used and repeated the words: ”discrete, discretion, private, privacy, anonymous, respectful, mature” etc etc…It's because they don’t want these cute high school tactics to follow them home, and neither should you want them to.

Your job is to provide him with a safe escape from his reality, not a jail sentence once he returns home. If you make it difficult for him to spend time with you, he won’t. If he can’t spend time with you, then you don’t get paid. So, if it was such a good time spent together and you’re happy with what you earned during that time, why ruin the chances of it happening again?

Things I do/use to “disappear”:

  • Lip stain vs lipstick - A lip stain is a liquid that literally stains your lips, so that you don’t need to reapply it after you’ve eaten, enjoyed a heavy make out session or if you’ve fallen asleep and woke up drooling. It lasts for HOURS, I love the matte look and it just so happens to still look as good in the evening as when you put it on in the morning. The reason I chose to wear lip stains from “Younique” is because their products are not only amazing, but they don’t test on animals, are gluten free, are vegan and are made from all natural sources = chemical free! No, I don’t work for them, lol, I just love and use their products.
  • Water proof mascara - I don’t know about you, but I end up with mascara smudged into pillow cases, smudged into the sheets, and god only knows where else lol. It gets hot and feisty sometimes, so I use this so that I don’t take my chances with it coming off on him or his clothing. However, at other times you can find me wearing Younique’s 3D Fibre Lashes. If you haven’t tried these…you are seriously missing out. Seriously. But as much as I like them, they just aren’t made for heavy petting.
  • Body dust/powder - I prefer to use a tinted body powder over perfume when I know I’m about to be intimate with an SD or Client. I’m careful to chose one that is edible, safe for all areas of my body and has a slight shimmer to it. (Right now, I’m rather keen on a soft peach mango flavor). Not only does it look pretty, it tastes and smells great too. The key word being taste. I’ve gotten so many compliments on “how good I taste” and how it makes my skin feel silky. If you’re worried that they’ll notice this fine dust, they won’t, it disappears when it’s applied unless you’ve bathed in it. By the way, I put my body dust everywhere. I put it on the back of my neck, up my ass crack, on my thighs and everywhere in between lol. I want the taste of my body to be memorable and my smell mesmerizing in the moment. The best thing, is that after our session/time together and I’m long gone, so is my scent.
  • Organization - When undressing try putting/throwing all of your items in the same direction so that you can leave with what you came with. It’s not really cute to be fretting and not lifting mattresses and bed skirts trying to search for a missing thong or your girlfriends earrings that you borrowed to look classy etc. You know, that kinda thing. Plus, bottom line, it’s not the most attractive thing to look under chairs for your undergarments, especially when all you want to do is leave quickly.
  • Abide by the rules - Whatever the rules are, abide by them. If it’s no calling or texting after 9, start saying your goodbyes at 8. If it’s only one visit a week, don’t beg him to come see you twice. They are there for a reason, to make sure that your arrangements are as successful as they can be, and not as chaotic as they can quickly become. It’s simply another way to be respectful to him, to you and to his life beyond your time together.
  • Business cards - Be seen, but not found out.
  • Gifts - I always bring a gift the first time I’m meeting with someone, if we haven’t seen each other in a while, or if I just feel like being sweet, which is more often than not. I like to give gifts that can easily be explained away and are not to have obviously come from a secret lover - like embroidered silk boxers. For example: a small box of chocolates, a small stuffed animal for his daughter that he’s told me she’s recently obsessed with or even his favorite latte drink from Starbucks. Whatever the gift is, and they are usually under $20, I make sure that it’s easily excusable as if he had bought it himself if anyone should see it or find it.
  • Bring him supplies - Not only do I look like crap after a steamy date, but 9/10 men that I’ve been with could use some freshening up before they head out the door too. We always bring things for ourselves, but rarely do we think of bringing things for them as well. Truth be told, most men won’t notice that they don’t look the same as when they left their homes at 9am, especially after a fun date with you, and it’s time to return back home at 9pm. But his wife will notice. So, if he happens to use a certain type of hair gel or spray etc, make sure that you have a sample size of it in your purse. You want him to leave looking as good and as “normal” as before he came to see you. You don’t want him looking like he just got out of a wrestling match but was really supposed to be at a meeting. Looks in = looks out. For both of you.
  • Random things - Carry a tide bleach pen, know how to use an iron, bring an extra set of travel-sized toothbrush and toothpaste, gum, breath mints, a tiny febreeze spray stick in case your scent does linger or he’s worked himself up into a sweat, it won’t be as obvious as a spritz of fresh cologne.

Of course, this is just what I do, so if you have any other tips, please share them! At the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide which risks are worth taking, which ones aren’t and then from there determine a game plan that works best for you.