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posted Feb 4, 2017, 3:57 PM by Nikki Rain   [ updated Feb 4, 2017, 4:00 PM ]
Here are 5 of the most common mistakes that sugar babies new to the game make, and most importantly, how to avoid them. I hope you gals find this useful — I know I would have.

1. Falling in love with your sugar daddy.

How to avoid: Make the money your number one focus. Once my SD and I transitioned from an arrangement to a real relationship, the money sent was less and less frequent. I even felt bad asking him for money for things because I felt like I was taking advantage of him. My SD knew I was stressed working on-campus and going to school, so he sent me the money each month that I would’ve made working my minimum wage job — no extra. If you keep things strictly an arrangement, you’ll get exactly what you’re owed.

2. Having sex on a first meeting.

How to avoid: Always tell your POT that you are not doing anything sexual on a first meeting. There is an exception if you’re getting your already discussed allowance upfront and in cash. Otherwise, first meetings should have no expectations. If you do decide to have sex with a POT on a first meeting, make sure you’re comfortable with him (trust your intuition), and what you’ll be receiving (is X — $500, 600,… an iPad, a LV bag, etc. worth it?). If I could, I would take back that encounter because it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

3. Letting POTs string you along.

Time is money. Especially in the sugar world. On all of the sugar daddy sites, there are 95% losers and only 5% actual sugar daddies. I’ve wasted countless hours texting, emailing, and calling POTs. They were just looking for cheap, prostitute pay per play situations, essentially phone sex — when they call you and the conversation goes like this (Him: Hi, how are you? Do you like anal? Are you okay with threesomes? I want to cum inside you, okay? You have a really high sex drive too, right?), or just looking to waste my fucking time probably jerking off to my pics.

How to avoid: Once you’re in communication with a POT, set a date/time/place to meet as soon as possible. It’d even be best if you could discuss what exactly you’re looking for before you meet. If a POT wants to send countless emails, repeatedly asks for pics when he’s seen the ones you have on your profile, or asks tons of stupid and personal questions — forget him. And if your POT dances around the idea of an allowance and refuses to give you a range — forget him. Suit and I discussed my expectation for an allowance before we even met. Talking about money in-person is awkward. On our first meeting, he suggested my $5k allowance and an extra $2k for the first month as a shopping bonus. Talking about money isn’t classy, it’s tacky. We haven’t talked about my allowance since.

4. Letting your sugar daddy string you along.

Once a POT becomes your SD, you’d think life would be easier. And it should be. Now, this has never happened to me so I cannot speak from personal experience, but there are girls who end up not receiving their agreed upon allowances from their sugar daddies short-term and/or long-term. These men made excuses like they couldn’t get to the bank, they couldn’t take out that much without their wife noticing, or they forgot. Yeah right. That’s like “the dog ate my homework” kind of shit. And yet they had no selective amnesia when they were supposed to meet their babies. Convenient right?

How to avoid: If your sugar daddy doesn’t give you your allowance, stop seeing him immediately until he does. And especially do not have sex with him for free until you have that money in your hand/bank account. Suit forgot to give me the $300 he said I could spend on lingerie, and I gently reminded him and he did. But he would never forget my $5,000 allowance on payday.

5. Managing your money badly.

I’ll admit, when the dough started rolling in I went a bit, well a lot, crazy. I bought a new Macbook, tons of clothes, shoes, high-end makeup, things for my room, things for my dog — anything.  But after I had literally nothing else that I wanted to buy, my logic and senses started coming back to me. I decided to put my money in a safe to save, draw up a budget and goals list, and try to buy less unnecessary things. I’m still not perfect, but I’ve got a decent cushion for leeway.

How to avoid: Keep your cash in a safe or a savings account. I avoid depositing my allowance into the bank because I do not want to get flagged for suspicious activity. By keeping my money in a safe, I know exactly where it is and how much I have. And each time I go into the safe, I internally ask myself if I really need whatever it is I’m taking the money out for. I feel a little guilty taking away from the thick envelope, so that helps me make better choices. I have a lot of nice things to show for what I’ve spent a lot of my money on, but no real good investments. I did pay off my credit cards (yay), but other than that I’ve been a bit frivolous. Save for things that matter. Like tuition, a car, plastic surgery, rent, utilities, grocery money.