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Making Noise In The Bedroom

posted Nov 17, 2017, 10:22 PM by Nikki Rain   [ updated Nov 18, 2017, 1:17 AM ]

Sound   waves   are   a   proven   and   very   powerful   healing   tools   these   days.   Modern   medicine now   uses   sound   waves   to   break   up   kidney   stones   and   gallstones.   We   all   know   that   when   a   singer hits   high   notes,   they   can   break   a   glass   by   using   their   voice,   but   how   does   that   happen?   When   a singer   vibrates   a   glass   with   their   voice,   they   have   matched   the   sound   frequency   of   the   glass.   As   the singer   increases   the   volume   of   their   sound,   the   resonance   becomes   too   great   for   the   forces   that hold   the   glass   together   and   it   shatters.   Sound   is   powerful.

During   sexual   activity,   have   you   ever   found   yourself   wondering   what   your   partner   is feeling,   thinking   or   experiencing?   Most   of   us   do,   so   do   yourself   and   your   partner   a   favor   by learning   to   be   a   vocal   lover.   Give   your   partner   specific   compliments   on   technique,   appearance,   or attitude   and   his   or   her   self-confidence,   and   enjoyment,   will   most   certainly   be   heightened.

Try   describing   your   sexual   encounter   as   it   unfolds,   paying   attention   to   details:   the   look   on your   lover's   face,   the   color   of   his   or   her   skin,   the   sounds   you're   hearing.   If   you   want   to   share   in   the fun,   ask   your   partner   explicit   questions   so   he   or   she   can   participate   as   well.   Whisper   questions   to them   such   as   what   they   want   you   to   do   to   them   or   how   does   what   you   are   doing   feel.   Doing   so   can be   quite   arousing   and   bring   lovemaking   to   a   whole   new   level.