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How to make him want to say YES

posted Feb 4, 2017, 6:39 PM by Nikki Rain   [ updated Feb 4, 2017, 6:39 PM ]
I make men want to say yes. It is a word I’ve grown accustomed to hearing. I do occasionally hear the word “no”. Things usually aren’t pretty after that. I do not hear “yes” over and over by accident. It is a calculated process that I walk through with any man I allow in my presence.

I know him. I’ve taken the time to learn him inside and out. I’ve observed his mannerism. I know what makes him laugh. I know what makes him angry. I know the face he makes when he’s had a long day at work. I know what he does with his hands when he’s frustrated, impatient, or annoyed. I know his favorite meals. Some women begin to date men and are too anxious about themselves. They worry about how he feels about them, what he thinks about them. If this is you, stop it. This is your time to get into his spirit, to learn and explore the core of who he is. He will never be so open to you as he is right now. Take advantage of this time. Use it to form a portrait of him that is as clear and objective as possible.

I found his pressure points. Everyone has a chink in their armor. Everyone has that one thing that instantly makes them happy and that one thing that instantly makes them mad. Find it. Pressure points can be anything from an insecurity to a pressing need to a guilty pleasure. It doesn’t matter what it is. It only matters that you find as many of them as possible. In many cases, it may be something that he’ll try to conceal from everyone including himself. It doesn’t matter what it is. It only matters that you find it.

Pity isn’t the key. Neither is guilt. The key is a small but powerful piece of knowledge: humans are self-absorbed, self-motivated creatures. Everything we do, we do for ourselves whether it is good or bad. Everything we do is based on how that action will make us feel. We very rarely do things with no concern or thought for ourselves. Keep this in mind when you make requests. Can you spin a sob story and get what you want? I’d rather you didn’t but you can as long as your sob story hits the pressure points within him. Tailor how you ask to who he is. Word your request in such a way that he immediately sees that there is a benefit to him. If he’s a man that constantly feels used and under appreciated, present your request in a way that helps him see that he won’t feel used or under appreciated with you. You’ll provide him with the emotional reaction he’s always wanted. Avoid emotional blackmail and reminders of all you’ve done for him. Pleasing you, granting your requests should be a joy. He should never feel the resentment the comes when you know that every kind thing a person has done for you has a price and you are now expected to pay. Appeal to his vanity. Appeal to his ego. Appeal to the person he wishes he was.

Don’t tell the whole truth. I’ll let you in a secret: when I want shoes from a man I’ve just begun seeing I ask for lingerie. The shoes are thrown in carelessly at the end. I build a sexual fantasy catered to his fantasies. I show him the lingerie. And, oh, wouldn’t these shoes complete the ensemble beautifully? I’ll only need to do this a few times. Eventually, I won’t have to ask for lingerie when I want shoes. He’ll have connected my shoes to his pleasure and buy them for me happily. He doesn’t need to know that I really needed new shoes to wear on a date with another man. Your intentions are just that: yours. Keep them to yourself.

Don’t be a wimp. Hesitation and uncertainty are excellent emotions to feel if all you ever want to hear is no. If you’re not confident, he’ll have questions. We don’t have time for questions. Change your mindset. You deserve every single thing you ask for. He can afford to give them to you. Why, then, would he deny you? Besides, you’re a queen. Who says no to a queen?

Have a comprehensive plan. How will you present your request? Is it tailored to fit who he is? If he does ask questions, which would he be most likely to ask? Do you have answers ready? How will those answers make him feel? What will you do if he says yes? What’s your plan of attack if he says no? Victory does not consistently go to the lucky. It goes to the prepared.

Know when to leave the battlefield. Sometimes, it isn’t how you asked but how many times you asked.You wanted a car and you got it. It may not be the best time to ask for a house. It all goes back to understanding him. Know his limits. Know when it stops being a delightful request and becomes a burden. Know when you need to stop talking.

You are going to master this because you are going to do one simple thing: you are going to ask for what you need. You’re going to request things that push you ever closer to what you’ve decided is success. You’re going to light up when you talk about that thing that drives you in a way that dazzles him. He’ll wonder how anyone has ever said no to you. You can do this. You deserve this. I believe in you.