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How to Become a Successful Independent Female Escort

posted Aug 26, 2018, 2:36 AM by Nikki Rain

So you want to explore the possibilities of working for yourself as an independent female escort? Congratulations! That's great news and I'm very excited for you because you are about to begin an exciting new chapter in your life. There are some things which may not occur to you before pursuing your desire to work as an escort, and some of them are quite important. That's why I'm writing this for you --- the escort newbie.

I'm going to help guide you through the process of setting yourself up as a successful, classy woman who works for herself and no one else. The sex industry, and escorting in particular, offer many lucrative opportunities. You won't want to repeat the most common mistakes of other women starting out in the business. Due to the level of freedom you will enjoy working as an escort, many girls and ladies simply dive right into their work as an escort without any sort of plan or guidelines. This is something you will want to avoid doing. I will explain why in more detail later on in this guide.

Part 1: Do You Have What it Takes to Be an Escort?

The first step towards becoming an escort is deciding if it's the right type of work for you. This requires an honest self-assessment and you will need to take a personal inventory in order to discover the answer for yourself. Since many women are relatively uninformed regarding sex work in general, I decided it would be helpful to include a short list of serious questions to answer before making any hasty decisions.

3 Important Questions To Ask Yourself

1. How are you going to handle family and friends? This is among the most difficult issues for many girls. Do you have children? Are you married, or in a relationship or some sort? Do you keep in touch with your parents or other family members? If so, you will want to spend some time seriously considering what their reactions may be to hearing of your new career path. If you have supportive and open-minded family and friends, this shouldn't be too hard to handle. But for most people, these are delicate and controversial subjects and there is a good chance that you will either have to keep this part of your life private or be prepared to deal with the criticism and disapproval of others that are close to you. 

2. Is Escorting your main plan for income, or will it be supplemental? Do you have a job already? Maybe you're already successful in some other line of work? Either way, this is an important point to consider. If you are already working in a different field, you should probably place a higher priority on keeping that job than on experimenting as an escort. Unless your job is horrible and you are living below the poverty level, it will be a wise choice to keep your current job for future security. The nice thing about escorting is that you will be able to make enough in one hour to substitute more than an entire day's worth of wages at your day job. This means it will be more than sufficient as supplemental income, and at the same time it will not interfere with your other work schedule at all. 

3. Are you really comfortable having casual sexual encounters with total strangers? This may be the most important question to ask yourself. Not all women are sexually adventurous, self-confident and comfortable with casual sexual encounters with people they don't know at all. This is very understandable, since everyone can agree that we all have our own insecurities and areas to improve on. My advice for women considering this type of work is to think about how they have felt during past experiences with casual encounters. Is this something you've ever done? Do you do it often and enjoy it? Or is the thought of actually following through with the idea make you a bit nervous? These types of insights will help you decide on the right answer.

Part 2: Setting Up a Realistic Work Plan

Once you have decided that escorting is the right path for you to take, it's time to devise a basic and realistic work plan. This step will also require you to answer some questions and formulate the right answers for your individual situation. There are lots of little details that demand attention at this point in the process. The importance of each will become more obvious with time. Your work plan should address two main aspects of your work as an escort --- the practical and oftentimes small details and the more crucial safety and precaution aspect. Both are essential, though you should always place the highest priority on ensuring your safety in all situations.

Where are you going to advertise your services? 
This is a legitimate question now that Craig's List has done away with their "Erotic Services" section. Until recently, Craig's List was by far the most useful free online advertising platform for all female escorts around the world. Since they are no longer offering this service, you will need to explore your other options. 

1. You will need to make yourself a free website to start out with. The best escort-specific service offering free sites is Rare Escorts. Register a free account with them and use their user-friendly interface to put together a basic website where you can advertise your escort services. Be sure to take advantage of the "Partners" page of the site, since this is where you will establish reciprocal links with other relevant sites related to escorts and escorting.

2. Join escort review boards and forums -- these are the best places to post regular ads and will help you to build a good reputation once you get some client reviews. Two of the best review boards are TNABoard and TheEroticReview. Introduce yourself and get to know the regulars there.

3. Create accounts on escort top sites and exchange banners/links with other similar websites. This will require a little research of your own, but it shouldn't be hard to find some sites that will exchange links with you and help bring some traffic to your site. Just do a Google search for something like "escort top 100 sites" to start out with. Once you're on a site, look for an option that says something like "exchange links," "banner exchange," or even just "links" on some sites. Create an account or submit a link exchange request and follow the steps provided. Some sites will ask you to email them this info instead, but once you've done this a few times you will be familiar with the details they need from you.
◦ My preferred escort top sites for exchanging banners are EscortCharts and HotTopEscorts
◦ To create listings of your site and services, I recommend posting classified ads at NaughtyNightLife, Cityvibe,, and PlayPages

 4. Be sure that you include RELEVANT KEYWORDS when you create your free site. This is how the search engines will find your site when people search for your type of site. It shouldn't be too hard to figure out which words to use, but that will of course depend on what you plan on offering.

What services do you plan on offering? 
This is something you will want to spend some time thinking about before you start to advertise anything. Different girls are comfortable with different levels of intimacy and contact. This is something only you can decide for yourself. Just remember, you only have to do what you want to do. There is no one who can set these parameters for you, since you're working totally for yourself. Don't pressure yourself to engage in any activities that make you uncomfortable. Why? Because there is no need to! Believe me, you will not miss out on any real profit by limiting the types of services you provide to your clients. Trust me. There are plenty of gentlemen out there who want the things you DO provide, so to hell with the ones who want something that's not on your menu! 

Important escort terminology/ acronyms you will need to be familiar with:
◦ GFE = Girlfriend Experience: The term refers to an experience that is similar to the type of interaction between dating couples. GFE escorts are usually very sensual with clients and are very affectionate. 
◦ BBBJ = Bareback Blowjob: This acronym refers to providing oral sex without the use of a condom. 
◦ FS = Full service: This acronym refers to providing sexual intercourse. 
◦ CIM & Cof = Cum In Mouth & Cum on Face: 
◦ Birdwatching = Swallowing: Self-explanatory.
◦ Russian = Tit Fucking: Self-explanatory. 
◦ French = Oral/BJ: Another term for providing oral or BJs. 
◦ Greek = Anal: Self-explanatory. 
◦ DFK = Deep French Kissing: Self-explanatory. 
◦ DATY = Dining at the Y: This acronym refers to receiving oral sex from clients. 
◦ 69 = Simultaneous oral sex 
◦ Multiple Cups = Multiple Orgasms: This refers to allowing multiple orgasms or "more than one round"
◦ PSE = Porn Star Experience: This acronym refers to the opposite of GFE (overtly pornographic encounter instead) 
◦ BDSM = Bondage Discipline Sadism Masochism: Refers to services that are considered more "hardcore" ◦ YMMV = Your Mileage May Vary: This acronym indicates that a client's experience with an escort/provider may not be consistent with the experiences of other hobbyists on a review board. 
◦ Provider = Escort: Euphemism for "escort" 
◦ Hobbyist = Client: Euphemism for "client" 
◦ BBW = Big Beautiful Woman: Euphemism for full-figured escorts 
◦ Spinner = Very Petite/Skinny Escort: Term used to refer to the more petite escort 
◦ ROB = Rip Off Bitch: Negative acronym referring to escorts that cash and dash (rip off clients)

How much should you charge for your services?
 After you have set up your own menu of services, you will need to price each of them. This will fluctuate depending on the cost of living in your area and a number of other factors as well. You might be under the impression that you can charge more if you are young and in good physical shape, but girls of all shapes, sizes and ages charge comparable rates and still get high volumes of business! So again, don't set your rates any lower than you want them to be. As long as you are reasonable within your geographic location, you should have no problem finding clients who are willing to pay whatever prices you decide on. 

Suggestions for setting your rates:
◦ First set your hourly rate for FS. This will typically be somewhere between $160-$400 for most girls. 
◦ I also recommend setting a half hour rate, as this can increase your number of clients and bring in lots of extra profits. If you want to keep things simple, you can just charge half of your hourly rate for 1/2 hour session. Or, another option is to use a pricing model similar to: $200 per hour/$150 per half hour. This method will promote the hour long appointment in addition to making 1/2 hour appointments worth your time. 
◦ Typically, BBBJ is priced lower as a single service than FS. For example, let's say you decide that you decide to charge $200 per hour of FS. For clients only booking you for BBBJ (typically closer to 1/2 hour) you may try charging somewhere in the neighborhood of $80-$100. 
◦ Some services are considered by many to fall into the "fetish" category. Some examples are Greek (anal), PSE (porn star experience) and even GFE (or kissing). Oftentimes girls charge extra fees for these types of services, anywhere between $50-$100 more (sometimes less and sometimes even more). 
◦ Set a rate for overnight appointments. These are priced in a variety of different ways which vary quite a bit from one girl to the next.
◦ When business is slow, try running a special. This can attract new clients and usually involves a specific service offered for a limited time. A common example of a special is a weekend-long "quickie" service at a discounted price. Some escorts even offer these types of services on their regular menu, but in either case they usually involve FS sessions that do not typically last longer than 15-20 minutes.

Where will you be providing your services? 
This detail is quite important also, and will of course depend greatly on your living situation and other factors. 

Here are some terms related to where you provide your services:
Incall: This term is used to describe services that an escort offers at their own residence or another location they are staying at (motel room, etc). 
Outcall: This term is used to describe services that an escort provides at a client's residence or other location that they provide (work, etc). This is usually priced higher to compensate for gas money (if you drive yourself) or cab fare, as well as travel time. 
Hotel/Motel: If you and your client are both unable to provide a secure location for your session, one possible solution is to rent a hotel/motel room. If you want to keep the room so that you can see other clients afterwards, offer to split the rental fee with them and rent the room in your name. Many clients will appreciate and prefer this, since they have privacy concerns. Just be careful not to draw too much unwanted attention to yourself by having too much traffic at all hours of the night or day. Keep a low profile. 
Hot Tubbing: Another option to explore is a hot tubbing establishment. Not everyone is located near one, but if you check the local listings in your city and find a hot tub rental business nearby then give it a try! These are usually rented out by the hour, for slightly less than you'd pay for a cheap motel room. 
Adult Video Stores: Another possibility is meeting a client at an adult video store for a session. This will of course require you to be somewhat discreet, so exercise caution. Just make sure you choose a store that offers video previewing in private booths, for a small fee. 
Car Dates: If all else fails, you can always have your client pick you up in their vehicle and drive around until you find a quiet spot for a quick session.

Setting Up Effective Safety Practices

Now that you have worked out some of the fun little details of your work as an escort, it's time to address the very serious matter of ensuring your safety. This should be of the utmost importance to all girls out there, regardless of the situation. Never be tempted by offers that seem too good to be true, because they almost always are! You should always keep in mind that no offer is worth compromising your safety or doing something you feel uneasy about. 

Safety Tips:
• Never accept phone calls from blocked numbers 
• Try to stick to clients who are registered members of online review forums. Always ask for their handle so you can verify their online identity and do your homework. 
• If your client is picking you up, take a note of their license plate number by inputting into a text message on your cell phone and sending it to a close friend who knows what you're going to do.
Tell them how long the appointment is supposed to be, so they can contact help if you can't be reached after this long. 
• Ask new clients for a provider reference. This is a great way to contact another escort who can verify a new client's identity and confirm that they are safe. 
• Be very clear and upfront about what you are willing to do and what you aren't willing to do BEFORE meeting with a new client for an appointment. 
• If you are going to meet your new client at their place, be sure to leave the address with a close friend who is aware of what you are doing and knows when you should be expected to return. 
• If you start to feel uncomfortable once you've already gotten into a car with a client or arrived at their house, send an alert text to your friend who is standing by if you can access your phone and quickly send a short message. 
• If a client starts to threaten, intimidate or frighten you by demanding and becoming forceful, do not resist. Do not allow the situation to escalate further. Do your best to remain as calm as possible and comply with their demands for the time being. Unless you are fairly certain that you have an opportunity to run or get away from them quickly, it is best not to anger them or agitate them. You want to make them feel at ease, even if you are in a state of distress. This type of situation must be handled very carefully to ensure your safety. 
• You do have the option of carrying a weapon of some sort when you are on your own meeting new clients. Even a can of mace kept in your handbag might save you from a dangerous situation. Just be confident that you will be able to use any weapon you're carrying on your person effectively before attempting to defend yourself with it, in order to avoid being overpowered and having it taken from you. Always wait for the right moment to take such actions.

Part 3: General Tips & Best Practices

Now that we've covered some of the most important aspects of working as an escort, I'd like to briefly go over some general tips and best practices for all girls starting out in the escorting business. I have gathered a helpful collection of things to avoid, things to expect and things to make a habit of. So here we go.

3 Things You Should Avoid at All Costs

  1. BB FS (bareback full service)! This is another way of saying "unprotected sex" with strangers! Never offer this service and do not be persuaded by clients requesting this type of service for significant tips! It's never worth it to compromise your health and safety for the sake of one insignificant sexual encounter. You don't want to end up with something like herpes for the rest of your life. Not to mention more serious diseases like HIV/AIDS. Protect yourself always, regardless of the money involved. 
  2. Steer clear of potential clients who contact you with disturbing or bizarre requests/fantasies. This is usually not a good sign and there's a good chance that they are not safe to meet in person. I've had some very offensive requests in my years working as an escort, so don't be surprised if you are contacted by some unsavory characters. I once received an email from a guy that wanted me to have sex with his adult daughter while he watched! No way!
  3. Giving freebies, advance sessions or discounts to clients. The main reason that you should avoid doing these things is that once you allow it, most people will immediately expect it every time they see you. This does not convey a very professional image to your clients either. Stick to rates and be firm. People will have more respect for you and you won't damage your client-provider relationships.

3 Things You Must Always Do

  1. Get regular medical checkups and STD screenings. This is important for all girls working as escorts, even if you are always careful and use protection. No method is certain; mistakes are always possible. Condoms break, things happen. Always be sure to stay updated when it comes to your personal health. Be sure you are using a form of birth control also, in the event that condoms fail you. 
  2. Try to always have at least $500 set aside to bail yourself out of jail in case you get busted. I know that no one wants to make plans for this scenario, but if it does happen then you will be glad that you thought ahead. If you are lured into a sting and busted by law enforcement, you won't want to spend any more time locked up than necessary. I know it's not always possible, but do your best to keep at least a few hundred dollars tucked away safely somewhere and also leave instructions for a close friend to handle the situation if you are arrested. 
  3. Use your common sense and intuition. This may seem silly, but it's actually one of the most important pieces of advice I could give you. Is a client trying to meet you somewhere public? Does it seem weird to you? Don't go! Use your gut instincts when it comes to this stuff. Respond to any red flags with an attitude that says "it's just not worth it!"

3 Things to Expect

  1. Nervous, paranoid and elusive new clients. This is very common, especially if you haven't met with the person yet. Many clients have wives, families, important jobs and public images. Until you have established some level of trust with a client (usually this happens after 2-4 meetings) then you should expect a certain level of suspicion from them as well. It's not only you that has to worry about the encounter! Don't be surprised if some guys demand to know if you are a cop before meeting with you in person. Just do your best to reassure them and make the experience relaxing and enjoyable. They will almost always express their gratitude generously. 
  2. Since it's generally viewed as a bad practice, money is usually not openly discussed between providers and clients in person. Most experienced hobbyists will use a similar ritual for paying you. Typically, when you first arrive in person and greet one another they will set a white envelope somewhere visible, without saying anything. Sometimes they will indicate that it's for you, but if they are skittish or nervous they may not verbally announce it. The appropriate way to go about collecting your payment is to leave the envelope containing your "donation" out in the open until after the session is over. At that time, you can silently collect it and you don't need to say anything about it except perhaps a thank you. 
  3. Some of your clients will develop some sort of additional interest in you at some point. At least in my own experience, this is rather common and may be expressed in a number of different ways. Over the years, I've developed some very close friendships with some of my clients. This has been very rewarding and I have formed some close bonds with a select few who I still communicate with today. Although this can sometimes create an awkwardness when meeting with them professionally, it usually doesn't become a significant problem if you only spend time together in person when you're having an appointment. I would generally discourage other escorts from accepting offers to go out with clients or meet up with them outside of appointments. The only way that I think this is acceptable is if there is a mutual romantic interest between the provider and the client. But then, if that's the case, I suppose you would be dating then, wouldn't you? That's as different story.

Part 4: Conclusion

Well, we've managed to cover quite a few of the details involved in working as an escort. Don't forget, these are just some of the basics and a good portion of these subjects will vary considerably for each person. Just be in control of your own actions, play by your own set of rules, don't be influenced by others and most importantly, always be safe.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this and find the information in this guide useful!

Take care & Stay Safe!!