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Great Looks or Great Service

posted Nov 11, 2017, 10:41 AM by Nikki Rain   [ updated Nov 18, 2017, 2:27 AM ]

The Choices:

1.     A super hot provider who Has no skills.  Awesome body that makes the drool come out of your mouth. Model like face the whole nine yards. However, she doesn't really do much when it is time for the session.  

2.    A not so good looking provider that does everything you can imagine.  BJs without condom, trips to the greek islands, multiple shots on goals all for a reasonable price.

Which of these girls would you rather have?

If you could have the best of both worlds, the banging hot provider who does everything would be the choice.  But alas, these girls are pipe dreams unless you have the bankroll to support it.  For us mere mortals, we usually have to choose.

If we look at the very core of what men yearn for when they call up an escort for a date, it is to get off. To get to that heightened state of euphoria right before eruption and holding on for dear life.  The hot girl will initially have your full undivided attention based on her looks alone.  That is until you try to interact with her and she acts as if you are non-existent.  Of course, the money that you brought to the date is already safely tucked away by this hot girl, so the only thing left is to make you cum and get you out.  She spreads her legs and allows you to insert. At this point, one of two things will happen.  1.  You get it in quickly and finish just as quickly due to her beauty.  2.  You lose wood as well as interest because your provider has already done the same fifteen minutes ago.

That leaves contestant number 2.  Although not as good looking, this girl will do everything in her power to get you to the promised land.  She may have a busted grill or a few extra pounds, but this lady is a workhorse. She knows you like BBBJ, so she gets right to it.  She is also all too happy for you to enter in the backdoor and stay as long as you like. And if the volcanic eruption happens and you think there may be another one, she welcomes it too.  She is not the hottest, so she will work twice as hard to help you leave satisfied. 

And it is this satisfaction that you strive for.  Was there any satisfaction in the first girl?  I would venture to think not.