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posted Feb 4, 2017, 6:41 PM by Nikki Rain   [ updated Feb 4, 2017, 6:41 PM ]
“The most tedious details are the most like dreams.”
― Gerhard Roth

At this point in the relationship, he has not gotten the goodies. I have not asked him for anything (but most men would have given some sort of gift by now). We have probably gone on 3-4 dates. And there is definitely a connection. Of course he is eager to get into my panties but I have retracted every time we have gotten close. I may have stroked his penis, maybe even licked it for 20 seconds, had a full blown make out session but there has been no sex. Its killing him.

By this time you should know more about him. Maybe he loves a specific wine, his birthday is March 6th, his favorite singer is Sheryl Crow. The key is to not forget these small things.

The details — the subtle gestures, the offhand things you do — are often the most charming and revealing. Orchestrate them into a spectacle and he wont notice how manipulative you are being

If he loves a certain wine, I may sporadically have it sent to his office with a short note with an inscription tailored to him with a light spritz of my perfume (every note moving forward will have this inscription).

If I notice he is mesmerized when I wear certain looks, whenever I am around him I will begin to dress in the way that most pleases or excites him .

If Sheryl Crow is in town I might purchase tickets to her show, present his ticket with a short note (our special inscription of course with a spritz of perfume-I want him to always connect that scent with me). If I’m going all out, maybe I’ll be able to get backstage tickets. Have a picture of the three of us taken. And when he’s least expecting it gift him with the framed picture.

If he’s stressed, maybe I’ll plan a night of relaxation just for him. Every detail for the night would be meticulously planned. His favorite scent lingering in the air (my perfume of course), a mindblowing tantric massage, the most relaxing music in the background, his favorite meal prepared by a talented chef, and endlessly flowing wine. 

The more senses you appeal to, the more mesmerizing the effect. 

See the thing is, a thoughtful gift won’t seem to have an ulterior motive. Its not about the amount of money you spend that will impress him. Obviously he’s a baller (I hope you haven’t invested this much time with a fraud!), but its the time you took to find just the right thing or gesture. Something that has lingering sentimental power will resurface every time he sees it.

Anyone can say the right things. Words come easily and most people distrust them. They are also easily forgotten. But a gesture, a thoughtful gift, the little things seem more real and substantial. They are also more charming and he will read more into it than what it may actually be. I don’t believe in telling people how you feel, rather let them guess by your actions and looks. 

In a world full of bullshitters that is the most convincing language.