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Creative Sex Ideas

posted Nov 17, 2017, 10:09 PM by Nikki Rain   [ updated Nov 18, 2017, 1:17 AM ]

Fun Ideas to Spice Things Up

Finding   new   ways   to   bring   a   little   more   sensual   heat   into   your   relationship   through   sexual variation   and   change   can   be   a   great   way   to   establish   a   sense   of   creativity,   fun   and   intimacy   for couples.   The   most   important   thing   you   can   do   to   keep   things   hot   is   to   connect   with   one   another emotionally.   Too   often   we   prioritize   the   mundane   tasks   of   life   over   taking   time   to   nurture   our relationships.   We   can   easily   lose   sight   of   how   important   our   partner   is   to   us   and   it   is   important   to do   small   loving   gestures   each   day   to   establish   intimacy   outside   the   bedroom   so   that   when   it comes   time   to   enjoy   sex   the   emotional   connection   is   already   strong.
Simple   things   like   taking   a   walk   with   your   partner,   leaving   them   love   notes   and   even   holding their   hand   can   bring   a   sense   of   intimacy   that   will   later   lead   to   amazing   lovemaking.

Vary   Up   Your   Routine
Spice   up   your   sex   life   by   doing   it   in   the   kitchen   or   somewhere   new.   The   novelty   of   a   new location   can   be   an   intense   aphrodisiac.   Unusual   settings   with   different   sensations,   smells   and sounds   will   make   sex   feel   new   and   up   the   excitement.

Deeper   Penetration
It   is   easy   to   get   into   the   same   old   routine   with   sexual   positions,   however,   there   are   some   that will   help   couples   achieve   deeper   penetration.   There   are   sex   slings,   chairs   and   pillows   that   can eliminate   fatigue   and   discomfort.
One   example   of   a   sexual   position   for   deeper   penetration   is   to   have   the   female   lace   her   legs over   his   shoulders   while   having   sex   in   the   missionary   position.   Doing   this   shortens   her   vaginal canal   so   he'll   get   deeper.
Another   sexual   position   that   provides   intensified   stimulation   is   when   a   woman   is   on   top   of   a male   partner   and   instead   of   moving   up   and   down,   she   does   a   figure   eight   swivel   with   her   hips.   It really   makes   for   a   fun   and   arousing   new   twist.
Another   great   position   for   her   to   try   is   to   sit   on   top   of   him   with   her   feet   tucked   in   tight   on   either side   of   his   behind   and   then   lean   back   as   though   she   were   riding   a   bucking   bronco.

Cool   Things   Down   &   Heat   Things   Up
Most   people   know   that   adding   either   cooling   or   warming   sensations   can   make   things   more interesting   when   it   comes   to   physical   sensations   on   the   skin.   Using   a   blindfold   can   make   these sensations   even   more   intense   by   allowing   your   lover   to   have   more   awareness   of   those   special sensations.
To   cool   the   skin   you   can   use   breath   mints,   which   can   make   oral   sex   even   better   and   more stimulating   because   they   contain   peppermint   oil;   making   them   stimulating   for   your   mouth   and   on your   most   sensitive   areas.   For   a   warming   effect,   cinnamon   is   a   good   flavor   to   use.   Just   be cautious   in   using   things   that   are   not   designed   for   using   them   on   the   skin   as   both   peppermint   oil and   cinnamon   oil   in   strong   doses   can   irritate   and   burn   the   skin.   That   is   why   we   highly recommend   special   products   that   are   designed   for   sexual   play   such   as   paraben   free   flavored lubricants   and   stimulating   lubricants   to   achieve   this   effect.

Masturbate   in   Front   of   One   Another
Watching   your   lover   stimulate   themselves   in   front   of   you   can   evoke   a   sense   of   desire   for   them as   well   as   visually   stimulate   your   senses.   You   can   enjoy   taking   turns   or   masturbate simultaneously   as   you   enjoy   watching   your   lover   sexually   pleasure   themselves.   Some   couples find   that   having   strict   rules   in   place   such   as   not   allowing   for   touching   of   the   other   person   during certain   times   actually   increases   the   desire   for   one   another.   It   can   also   be   a   learning   experience as   you   watch   how   your   lover   enjoys   being   stimulated   and   even   more   fun   and   creative   when   you bring   in   sex   toys   to   try   out.

Watch   Sexual   Films   Together
A   poll   conducted   by   The   Mirror   newspaper   found   that   women   are   just   as   aroused   by   watching erotic   films   as   men.   So   get   cozy   on   the   sofa   or   bed   and   put   on   a   video   to   enjoy   together   whether it   be   rated   R,   NC   17   or   even   XXX.   Some   couples   not   only   enjoy   the   visual   stimulation   of   films   for entertainment   but   also   those   that   provide   sexual   instruction   such   as   Better   Sex   DVDs. 

Sex   Toys
Don't   forget   that   doing   things   like   using   a   vibrator   while   being   penetrated   by   fingers   or   a   penis   is a   great   way   to   add   even   more   stimulation.   Often   times   people   do   not   understand   how   to integrate   sex   toys   into   couples   sex   so   we   have   listed   popular   sensual   products   below   and   how they   are   used   to   spice   things   up   for   couples-