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posted Feb 4, 2017, 6:46 PM by Nikki Rain   [ updated Feb 4, 2017, 6:46 PM ]
Your potential benefactor is intrigued with you and desiring you more and more as each day passes. You have definitely caught his attention but if things start to become boring and predictable, his eyes will wander. 

At this point I suggest a calculated surprise. Something out of character, something totally off key. People love mystery and adventure. Trust me this will only pull him closer to you. I like to do this after date three or about a month into the relationship. Remember you must always be one step ahead of him. Time to give him a thrill that is so unexpected it creates pleasure yet confusion.

Examples of a calculated suspense could be:

An unexpected carefully written letter which piques his curiosity
Taking him somewhere special on your own dime
Showing up somewhere unexpectedly
Revealing a secret
If you are normally a bit reserved or shy, surprise him with something naughty and bold
Have you ever read a mystery novel and felt as if you were in a trance. You don’t want to be bothered, eat, drink, or sleep. You don’t want to do anything until you have finished the book. You are completely in thrall, getting into it when BOOM! suddenly you notice the last few pages have been lost and cant be replaced; it leaves you wondering what possibly could the rest of the book be about.

If YOU can be that book you will technically have the same effect. Got it?

This is a psych move, just when he thinks he can guess your next move, you change it, faintly. This makes him think of you. It throws off his equilibrium.

It can be calculated or sporadic. I personally think the calculated surprise is more effective because you can almost be certain of the outcome.

What your aiming for is SHOCK.

This tactic is the stepping stone to my article First Encounter: Embracing the Mysterious. The key is to never be predictable. Remember you are a fantasy.