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8 Hot Sex Games To Keep Your Sex Life On Fire!

posted Sep 30, 2017, 9:09 AM by Nikki Rain   [ updated Sep 30, 2017, 9:09 AM ]

Learn some hot games to play with your man!

1. Don’t Give Up

Make sure to use all the tricks in your arsenal to make him ‘give up’ first

Don’t Give Up is a sex game that mostly involves no sex at all. I know that certainly sounds weird, but hear me out. The main goal of Don’t Give Up is to tease, tantalite, cajole and titillate your man to make a move and initiate sex with you. At the same time your man is going to be doing the exact same thing to you. So you will both be trying to make each other ‘give up’ and initiate sex first.

You can take it all the way to the point where you are rubbing his penis over and back your vagina, which if we’re being honest will make most men cave in and give up! But there are tons of other, much more subtle things that you can do to him as well when it comes to teasing & making him crave sex with you.

Try starting off by sending him some dirty text messages or even pictures. When you’re with him, try to be more touchy-feely than you usually are. Things like pinching his butt, running your hands over his crotch and of course kissing him. The fun thing about Don’t Give Up is that your man will be doing exactly the same thing to you too.

Don’t Give Up is the perfect game to play if you find that your sex life is missing that crucial ingredient of…sexual tension

2. The Sports Blow Job

You see pretty much every single guy has their favorite sports team, whether it’s football, hockey, basketball or even something like water polo or badminton. Sometimes he will watch his team at a bar or even with friends. Sometimes he will watch it alone. Sometimes he’ll watch it with his dad.

Giving your man a blow job when he’s watching his favorite sports team play, especially after they have just won, is an incredibly powerful way to give him tons of pleasure. It also lets him know that you really like doing nice things for him and genuinely care about his pleasure.

This is a great way to get him to reciprocate or pay you back!

If you really want to make it amazing for him, then prepare some snacks for him before they start playing. Then when you plan to give him the blow job, walk in wearing something really sexy. He will be eternally grateful!

By the way: The blow job itself doesn’t have to be super fancy or anything. It can actually be a pretty regular blow job, it’s how you set the scene that will really blow his mind.

3. 2 + 2

2 + 2 is an awesome hot sex game that you can use to make foreplay and sex a bit more interesting. The basic premise of 2 + 2 is that you and your man are both going to take turns to try and get each other off. Your man will start and has 2 minutes to try an give you an orgasm. Once those 2 minutes are up, then it’s your turn to try and make him cum.

The loser is the person who comes first and the winner is the person who comes last. The loser then has to perform a forfeit for the winner. It could be giving the winner a massage, doing the laundry or whatever you choose. Make sure to use all the techniques in your arsenal, whether it’s talking dirty, giving him a great blowjob or even using some kinky sex tips to make your man cum

Quick Note: 2 + 2 is NOT a lot of fun if one of you can orgasm much easier than the other. So if you find it super easy to come quickly, but your partner usually has a lot of trouble, then you might want to give 2 + 2 a miss and try one of the other hot sex games

4. Hidden Sexcapades

Hidden Sexcapades is very long sex game. It can literally take months to play it to completion. Although it takes a long time to play, it’s pretty easy to set up.

Both you and your man are going to take a deck of cards (or something else firm to write on). Then you are both going to come up with an equal number of sexy ideas, sex positions or sex techniques that you want your partner to perform on you. Once you have decided on all your sexcapades and written them down on a pack of cards, you need to hand them to your partner. Your partner will then have to hide them all around your house/apartment for your to find while you do the same with his cards.

Some will be super easy to find (under his pillow, in his wallet), while others will take a lot of searching (in a book, under his keyboard). The whole purpose is to seed your place with a bunch of sexy surprises to keep things exciting.

So you may be wondering what types of things your man should write down for you to find. Here are a few examples:

  • Long (20 minute) make out session, nothing more.
  • Cunnilingus surprise! He has to eat you out, but before he gets to your vagina and clit, he must pay 10 minutes of attention to everywhere around them.
  • Kiss you all over your naked body tonight, from head to toe.
  • Sex that’s 10 times slower than usual.
  • He washes you in the shower.
  • He gives you a massage tonight.
  • He has to make you cum at least 3 times before he cums.

And there you have it! A perfect hot sex game to keep things interesting and spontaneous for at least a few months!

5. The Public Test

The Public Test is a lot kinkier than the other sex games on the list and to be honest, it isn’t going to be for everyone. It’s quite similar in many ways to the previous game, “Hidden Sexcapades” as you will be setting sex missions for each other…in public.

These could include something as easy as kissing in public or groping each other public all the way to full on sex with each other (just remember that you should never do anything illegal!). Also it’s always best to start with the super easy missions and then slowly progress to the naughtier stuff.

One of the key things you need to do when playing the Public Test is to constantly check in with your man to make sure that he is comfortable with doing things in public. Like with every kink and fetish, some people adore doing things in public…but some people hate it.

6. Show Me

Show Me is a much more intimate hot sex game to play with your man. It’s also surprisingly educational. The basic premise of ‘Show Me’ is to show your man exactly how you masturbate to get off then he’ll be doing exactly the same for you. This way, you’ll get a show from your partner and see him in total ecstasy while at the same time you’ll be getting to really enjoy yourself too!

For many people, the easiest place to start is in the bedroom just lying down on the bed. When you first try it, you may feel a bit of pressure having your man watch you as you start touching and caressing yourself. This is totally natural, so rather than trying to avoid this awkwardness completely, think about ways to minimize it.

For some having a glass of wine (just one) helps a bunch, while for others getting their man to participate helps too. Even turning off the bedroom light and switching on a lamp can help. In other words, do what works for you.

Show Me is a great sex game to play when you first start exploring things sexually with your man as you will quickly get to show each other exactly what gets you him off.

7. Sex Position Picker

Everyone has their tried and tested sex positions that they like to bust out (helloooooo Missionary, Doggystyle and Cowgirl). But what about the others?

This hot sex game is super easy to play. All you are going to be doing is choosing a bunch of new sex positions to try out with your man.

Everyday for a week or a month (or a year), you need to choose a new position to try out with your man. While some will be similar to what you already use regularly, there will also be some really crazy and wild ones. While these crazy ones may actually not be that much fun, they are super-mega-awesome for giving both of you ideas about just what’s possible in the bedroom.

So to get maximum enjoyment from this game, you need to approach it with the mindset that you are just having a bit of fun and that hopefully it will give your some new ideas…[/box]

8. Creating A Sex Bucket List

If you are with someone that you really trust and want to explore your sexuality with, then you should definitely consider creating a sex bucket list with each other.

If you don’t already know what a sex bucket list is, it’s a list of all those naughty, kinky, hot things that you’ve ever wanted to do sexually with your man or with other people! The best way to construct it is to start off with the tamest fantasies you have. These could be things like talking dirty or trying anal sex . Then you should start adding the kinkier stuff, before you finish up with the really wild stuff like dominating your man

Please understand that creating a sex bucket list and actually experiencing everything on it are 2 totally separate things.

So you should never feel compelled to do absolutely everything on your sex bucket list. You’ll also find that it can be quite awkward creating a sex bucket list if you can’t trust each other fully or if you are at a stage in your relationship where both of you aren’t quite comfortable yet with the idea of sharing these things.